SHAPE magazine, Arnhem Mode Biennale 2009
The theme of the Fashion Biennale Arnhem 2009 was ‘Shape’. We used geometrical forms for the magazine to go to the base of graphic shapes. The circle, square and triangle represent a chapter each and are used in details, forms of images and lay-out. With these 3 different embossed shapes we decided to make 3 covers. The colors were part of the campaign that was designed by Aagje Martens and Jaap Kroneman and the typeface ‘History’ by Peter Bilak is chosen to express the ‘shape’ in the typography, and is mainly used in titles. The cover was decomposed for the installation in the window of famous bookstore Atheneum in Amsterdam. The type is glued on the window itself, the geometrical shapes are hung in the open space, and the photograph is put on the wall behind.

editor Georgette Koning
i.c.w. Edwin van Gelder
printed by Drukkerij Wilco