Soda Palm Suite, Lotte Geeven
Lotte Geeven is a contemporary artist and works a lot with Day-Glo colors in her art. This aspect we translated into the printing process, when we replaced Magenta and Yellow with Day-Glo PMS colors. A German flower-book was of a big inspiration for her small projects made in Indonesia, so we decided to make a third flower-book of exactly the same size.
The editorial part of placing the groups of images was the main part of the design, we came up with associations within color, content and form to create the order, so it was more about our intuition during the design of the content. To mix these groups again we chose 4 different types of paper to print on. Which image was printed on what kind of paper was carefully discussed. All these design decisions together ended up in the definite order of the book. All divided groups of art, collected and made by Lotte, are then placed again in an index in the end of the book. The cover of the publication shows also the intuition compared with the structure of nature. Abstract leaves placed in a fixed grid combined with the letters that form the title, look placed in a grid, but is placed just out of this grid.

i.c.w. Adriaan Mellegers
printed by robstolk